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Who are we ?

When JMB Voyages, a specialised agency of Canada and Quebec, meets our two fellows travellers Romane & Mathieu it creates the unique Website Imagine-Canada.
Find out more about us by clicking here :
Born in 2019, the goal of our website is to be there for any of your queries about the Canada: are you looking for general information about this country; do you want to organise a trip there; or are you looking for already fully organised trips? We try to have all the answers for you! How do we plan to achieve this ambitious goal and provide to you as much information as you can get about the Canada? Well, we will be traveling ourselves!
And here we are, off to our road trip across Canada during six months. Visiting, discovering, learning the different cultures and seeking for the best-hidden places, we will be doing all of this to provide to you the best travel content you can wish for about the Canada.
Romane & Mathieu

Our road-trip in Canada

Getting the best content for you is our main objective. During 6 months we will:
    • Travel from Vancouver to Montréal
    • Visit all touristic places that we pass by during this road trip
    • Find all hidden places in order to offer you an experience off the beaten tracks
    • Try out different accommodations and restaurants in order to satisfy all of you
    • Try out loads of cultural and sports activities
Here the counties we will go to:

British Columbia






Prince Edward Island

Nova Scotia

New Brunswick

Feeling like you want to follow our adventures? During our entire stay in Canada, we will be sharing our experiences with you on those different platforms:
« To organise such a trip we will need some financial help. Our current job is mainly to create articles and maintain our websites. Therefore we are quite flexible for traveling. Thanks to this media kit, we would like to show you how helpful we can be for you: visibility, recommendations, content creation and so on! We have the possibility to offer you different kind of partnerships, that we will explain you below. Ideally we would like to build a win-win partnership. We are up for everything! Might it be you just giving us advices, or you getting us some discounts, any small or big gestures will help us for our ambitious project! »

Romane & Mathieu

Our readers

The website

This website is online only since a few months. Therefore, we cannot provide to you realistic analytics. Our traffic is growing slowly and we managed to be SEO relevant. We are mainly focusing on SEO rather SEA, believing this will lead to more stability and reliability for the future.

Our Facebook page

We want to be close to our readers and therefore Facebook is the perfect tool for it: news driven, sharing with our visitors our travel route, promoting some articles or just giving you a taste of Canada with our pictures.

Thanks to Facebook, we are also promoting our presence on different tourism exhibitions all around France. By doing so, we hope to target interested people about Canada.

Our Facebook page counts actually about 1 200 followers (January 2022). We are regularly promoting the page to increasing our community.

Below the demographic figure:


Our Instagram channel

Check out if you are following our instagram account: Romane & Mathieu.

We have 1 100 followers and we like to interact with our community by posting our experience.

Our instagram stories allow our community to travel with us and see what is happening in real time.

All of our posts are taken by Mathieu and are “à la Mathieu”, we make sure they stay true and show the beauty of what we are experiencing.


Work with us

Why would you like to work with us?

Web visibility

As already said, most of our partnerships rely on our visibility: Social Medias, live stories, tag in our articles.


Imagine-Canada is a combined project between a specialised travel agency for the Canada and Quebec and us; everything we are trying out, can be then shared with our future agency’s customers.


What will be a travel without any memories? To make sure we can bring some memories back, we have a drone, a reflex and a GoPro.

Possible partnerships

Whatever the partnership you want, it’s important for us to talk about the project with you before in order to develop something corresponding to your expectations and to ours.

Below, you gonna discover a non-exhaustive list of what we can propose to you. Of course, we are attentive to new ideas and suggestions ! Don’t hesitate to contact us directly with the contact form.

Write dedicated articles

A dedicated article is an article talking about a unique subject. It’s possible for different subjects like accommodation, touristic places or about a whole province or region.

The + : production of a rich and full content about the subject.

Citation in one of our articles

This possibility consists to dedicate a part of an article to talk about a specific subject. It’s possible for every types of demand : activities, accommodations, restaurants, meeting, …

The + : talk about a subject in a general article is a good solution to have a bigger article and so, increase our readers for this article.

Identify in our publications

Those publications can be various on the different social networks : live stories, publications, … We will publish both during the trip and after our return.

The + : it’s an easy, fast and live way of communication.

Supply of digital media

To feed our articles, publications, social networks, … we will travel with a reflex camera, a drone and a GoPro.

It permits us to catch the most beautiful and important moments of our trip. We can share with you some photos or videos.

Promote you in our page "Partners"

A website as Imagine-Canada can exist and grow up thanks to its partners ! It’s so important for us to promote these partners.

A specific page called « Partners » shows all of the partners who have participated to the evolution and progress of this website.